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Kevin Durkin

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Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Kevin Durkin

Acoustic Guitar Teacher  

Play and Sing

Do you want to play and sing?

Co-ordinating singing and playing doesn’t  come easy for most people, but Kevin can help you achieve it. Do you want to learn to sing harmonies and back-up vocals when playing with others? These are skills that can be learned and as a guitar player, need to co-ordinated with your playing.

To sing and play at the same time successfully, you need to be a solid guitar player with good timing. This applies equally whether you are playing in a band or playing solo. If you are playing solo, however, you have no other instruments to hide behind!

Learn from the songs you play

Whilst offering guitar tuition and not specific voice training, Kevin can help you to find your vocal range and learn how to  make sure your playing supports the song, and make the most of your voice and playing style.

Learning to play to support and project the song applies equally whether you are the singer or you are accompanying someone else’s singing. Good players let the song shine through.

Lessons will explore these aspects of guitar playing, opening up insights into song structure, music theory, harmony and performance. Building this knowledge, whether you choose to learn to read music or not, will make you a more effective musician in any solo, accompanying or band situation.