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Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Kevin Durkin

Acoustic Guitar Teacher  

Acoustic Styles

Develop your acoustic style

To become a good acoustic guitar player, you need to develop your ear, your technique and musical understanding. The good news is you can do this based on the songs and styles of playing that appeal to you.

Here are just some of the acoustic guitar styles that Kevin can guide you in exploring, according to your tastes, interests and ability level:

As your guitar playing develops, you can draw upon the techniques you have studied to play confidently and put your own stamp on whatever songs and pieces you play.  

Building knowledge and skills

You’ll get  satisfaction from playing more accurately and consistently and feeling that your skills are growing:

Song samples:

A few examples of various playing styles - click the image to open the sound file for each song:

Here Comes The Sun.mp3 St Anne's Reel (Fiddle Tune).mp3 Let Her Go.mp3 Handle With Care.mp3 FourFiveSeconds.mp3

Here Comes The Sun (fingerpicking)

Let Her Go (fingerpicking and strumming)

Handle With Care (12 string - picking and strumming with pick)

FourFiveSeconds (strumming)

St. Anne’s Reel (Fiddle Tune - fingerpicking)